Store Information:

We previously owned & operated the Faucet Doctor store which was in a rural area 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Faucet Doctor® became well-known in the Pennsylvania tri-state area for their amazing ability to save the lives of many a fixture. The parking lot was filled daily with plumbing trucks from OTHER companies - They knew where to find the experts & where to find the parts no one carried for your repairs.

You wouldn't be shocked to see license plates from out of state while an exhausted husband threw down a part, a faucet or a bathroom fixture & said - "I know you don't have THAT!" The look of disgust saying 'I've been everywhere'. ...Russ or Larry retreated to the back room & quickly put the item on the counter. Tears swelled in the wife's eyes as she whispered..."Thank you, everyone said it couldn't be done!"

You Know Us - You Trust Us

The FAUCET DOCTOR Service remains operating in Harrison City by the same family owners. We still have the hard to find repair parts you need and can come to your home to make all the repairs. Service Phone number is 724-744-2304.


For purchasing only the repair parts, the old retail store formally located at Rt 130 in Harrison City has a new owner & a new location: 225 McKinley Ave, Braddock Hills, PA 15221 Their phone number is: 888-896-1505.